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Food and Agriculture is one of the nation’s largest and most vital industries. It impacts the lives of all people and meets the needs of our growing population in a sustainable manner by simultaneously delivering food security, environmental sustainability, and economic opportunity. Agriculture provides access to over 500 different job classifications and offers career opportunities that make a real difference in people’s lives, in communities, and in the world.  

Built upon the foundational principles of its 1890 Land Grant origins, Langston University was established with the central mission to pioneer advancements in agricultural science and broaden access to higher education for African Americans. Today, the land grant mission remains a cornerstone of the University’s empowerment. Langston University extends its educational offerings to all seekers of knowledge. With a focus on addressing the pressing needs of a burgeoning population, our institution produces highly trained graduates capable of tackling challenges through contemporary research, cutting-edge academic initiatives, and extensive engagement in community outreach programs. From addressing agricultural dilemmas to fostering improved quality of life for people and community development, Langston University catalyzes positive change in Oklahoma and beyond. 

With the continuous growth in the United States and World populations and the limited land supply, food and agriculture production has become technologically advanced. As a result, Langston University has expanded its educational and research programs to meet contemporary needs. As the demand to feed and clothe the growing world population continues to intensify, Langston University now offers a wide range of land-grant programs that are essential to producing graduates who can solve problems through engaging research, innovative academic programs, and active participation in extension and outreach. We are addressing agriculture, human and community development issues that impact the lives of those in Oklahoma and beyond.  


There is a strong demand for graduates in agribusiness, agricultural science and food science?

Typical Entry-Level Education

Bachelor`s degree

Job Outlook, 2021-31

8% (Faster than average)

Number of Jobs, 2021


2021 Median Pay

$74,160 per year

$35.66 per hour

Employment Change, 2021-31



internationally acclaimed RESEARCH

Be apart of some of the most unique learning opportunities in the world, including our E (KIKA) DE LA GARZA AMERICAN INSTITUTE FOR GOAT RESEARCH. LU’s internationally acclaimed Goat Research Center’s mission is to develop and transfer enhanced goat production system technologies through excellence in a results-driven, highly productive research program…

internationally acclaimed RESEARCH

Go beyond the classroom in Ag and Applied Science studies. LU’s Cooperative Extension program is central to our mission as a Land Grant University. Extension and outreach programs deliver research-based educational information in response to the needs of producers and consumers-especially those with limited resources, and small-scale beginner farmers and ranchers. These are LU’s SAAS natural stakeholders.

internationally acclaimed RESEARCH

Langston has more than 60,000 alumni worldwide. We combine the power of this base with an alumni and advisory team equipped to help move graduates of our programs forward.