Photo facing the front of LU-Tulsa at evening. The lights inside the building are on in this evening photo with the Langston University letters/sign in the front of the building.

Campuses and Locations

Tulsa Campus

Tulsa is one of Langston University’s Urban Campuses. It is located at 914 N. Greenwood Avenue and is situated in the historic Greenwood District. Langston became the first public university to offer courses in Tulsa. In 2009, after sharing a campus with OSU-Tulsa for several years, Langston University officially opened the LU-Tulsa campus.

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Known as Boomtown and T-Town, Tulsa is Oklahoma’s second-largest city and is located near the Arkansas River. Its origins date back to the late 1820s with the forced relocation of the Creek from their ancestral homes in Georgia and Alabama. The city was established in 1882 with the arrival of the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad. By 1920, the oil and aviation industries made Tulsa a very prosperous city.

One of the city’s and the country’s saddest days occurred in 1921 with the [Tulsa race massacre]. During an 18-hour period, a prosperous Black neighborhood known as America’s Black Wall Street was destroyed during a race massacre. This successful community had been built by Black entrepreneurship to benefit Black people. Hundreds of Greenwood residents lost their lives, with homes, businesses and a community destroyed.

Today, Tulsa is home to one of Lonely Planet’s “10 historic black landmarks to visit in the USA” and the first monument on National Geographic’s list of “6 essential American monuments. The city is also considered one of the nation’s most prominent destinations for Black history and culture. The city is proud of its art deco architecture, boasts one of the best U.S. parks, and has a rich music history. The town is viewed by many as a frontrunner of the US remote worker hubs, offering remote workers $10,000 to relocate to Tulsa.

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Students enjoy all four seasons in Tulsa, OK. Fall semester starts in late July during the summer or hot season. Temperatures have an average high temperature above 85 degrees with the months of July and August reaching an average high in the 90s and above. Autumn brings in cooler temperatures with highs ranging from 84 degrees in September to 61 degrees in November. The cold season lasts for 3 months from late November through mid-February with high temperatures ranging from 49 to 53 degrees.

Major Industries

The city’s major industries are aerospace, including aerospace manufacturing and aviation; healthcare; energy; machinery; and transportation, distribution and logistics. The cost of doing business and the cost of living in Tulsa are respectively 11 and 8 percent below the US average.

Sports Teams

Soccer fans can cheer on the FC Tulsa soccer team that plays in the USL Championship.

The Tulsa Oilers are a professional indoor football team.