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As Oklahoma’s only historically black college or university, Langston University has a long legacy of greatness. Since 1897, we have produced generations of bright leaders prepared to change their communities and impact the world. Our programs offer students culturally enriched learning experiences that equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in a competitive 21st century job market.

With competitive curricula, supportive and dedicated professors, and a Career Services team like no other, our students lead the way as experts in their chosen industries.



The lion legacy of outstanding education begins with our esteemed schools of study. Our various degree programs include: world-renowned research opportunities, programs which represent the first in the state, and academic leadership with decades of experience in innovative curricula.

Our students can earn undergraduate and graduate degrees through any of Langston University’s six schools of study:


Langston University offers a multitude of paths to complete two-and four-year college degrees across our six academic schools.

Smaller class sizes with more one-on-one attention from our knowledgeable professors as well as plenty of opportunities to participate in ground-breaking research means our students can be sure they are fully equipped to find a job in their desired field after graduation. See which program is right for you!

UNDERGraduate Programs


Langston University strives to give those seeking post graduate education affordable yet competitive options that will help you reach higher.

Explore our master’s and doctoral level programs, including Oklahoma’s best and oldest Doctor of Physical Therapy program, and see which one is right for you!

Graduate Programs

Langston University offers several options for completing an advanced college degree. Three master level programs in education, rehabilitation counseling, and entrepreneurship are available, as well as a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Our graduate students receive world-class educations complete with valuable research experience and class schedules that work for them. See why a Langston University graduate degree is right for you.

Contact us for more information about graduate programs at Langston University.

General inquiries may be addressed to Academic Affairs at 405-466-3424 or by writing to P.O. Box 1500, Langston, Oklahoma 73050.

For the Master of Education program contact Dr. Emily Patterson Harris at or 405-466-3569.

For Master of Science in Entrepreneurial Studies program, contact Wesley Whittaker at or 405-466-2901.

For doctoral program in Physical Therapy, contact Dr. Elicia Pollard at or 405-466-2923.

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