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by Christina Gray, Media Relations Specialist

LANGSTON, Okla. – A senior English Education major at Langston University, Emmanuel Robinson, was one of 30 aspiring male teachers chosen from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) across the nation to attend the HBCU Male Summer Institute hosted by Winston-Salem State University. The Thurgood Marshall College Fund’s Teacher Quality and Retention Program fund the Institute.

The Guthrie native aspires to become a high school English teacher.

“I really want to teach in an urban setting and give those students the ability to compete with anyone,” Robinson said. “This experience was certainly a guiding point in my teaching career.”

He highly encourages other education majors to take advantage of the scholarship opportunities and summer programs that are available.

The program is specifically geared toward aspiring male teachers from schools across the nation and focuses on teaching innovations and relevant subjects like professional development and school violence by providing support and the tools for the classroom through a series of workshops and lectures.

The men were taught through three different learning styles: visual, auditory and kinesthetic.

“I was able to learn the different strategies but also able to practice those skills learned,” said Robinson. “I plan to make my classroom a mixture of all three something new or developing every day for my students to keep them engaged but also energized about learning. I want to make learning a priority again in students.”

Langston University is located 12 miles east of Guthrie, Oklahoma. Langston offers more than 38 degree programs, including 5 masters degrees and one doctoral program. For more information on the School of Education & Behavior Sciences at Langston University, visit https://langston.edu/academics/school/education-and-behavioral-sciences/.