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Written by Christina Gray

Langston University has received a grant of $473,820 to preserve the historic cottage row district on the Langston campus. Dr. Nancy Alexander led the grant team that wrote in their proposal that the “preservation of this precious landmark not only results in the recognition, understanding, and preservation of the HBCU story but it keeps a flame burning that we should not ever let become extinguished.” Click here to learn more about its history and to read the full excerpt of the proposal.

The projected start date for the design and planning phase of this project is on July 1, 2020. “We wisely requested some time to design, develop and plan to be completed within the first 6 months,” said Dr. Nancy Alexander, Chair of the LU Business Administration Department.

“All of the renovation and restoration of the cottages will take place in year one which includes replacing doors, insulating the attics, and replacing the wiring. In year two, we are undertaking the campus beautification projects, which includes the installation of benches, new signage, and the installation of a storm shelter.”

“We are very grateful for the opportunity to preserve our historic cottage row district,” said Mautra Jones, LU Vice President of Institutional Advancement and External Affairs.

“The grant will provide support to maintain the integrity of the original structures and make necessary upgrades to the cottages. One of the crown jewels of the Langston campus, we take great pride in our cottages as our very own students helped build them in the 1930s. The grant team led by Dr. Nancy Alexander is elated to embark upon this special journey and looks forward to continuing showcasing Historic Cottage Row District to the entire state and nation. Additionally, we appreciate the Oklahoma Historic Preservation Society for its assistance in providing valuable guidance through the years regarding this Oklahoma treasure.”

The Historic Cottage Row District project is supported by the Historically Black Colleges and Universities grant program. It is funded by the Historic Preservation Fund and administered by the National Park Service Department of Interior. For more details, please refer to the National Park Service press release.