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SGA Student President Nathaniel Rakestraw Edwards and SGA Vice President Hannah Wall talk with an Air Force officer


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by Jet Turner, Assistant Director of Communications

Langston, Okla. – Langston University signed an agreement with the Air Force Sustainment Center at Tinker Air Force Base on Monday, giving students the opportunity to gain real-world experience through internship and learning opportunities, leading to a potential path to employment upon graduation.

When Langston University Student Government Association President Nathaneal Rakestraw-Edwards heard news about the signing, he was excited about the opportunities this will give current and future students.

“There are many students with so much potential at Langston University,” Rakestraw-Edwards said. “As a student, this deal is very important in ensuring that we are getting the connections necessary to set us up for our future. I am excited to share with the student body whatever internship or employment opportunities are available through Tinker Air Force Base.”

The Air Force Sustainment Center has partnerships with universities throughout the nation, which typically focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

However, this partnership with Langston University is the first “hybrid” partnership of its kind, expanding upon the STEM relations Tinker Air Force Base has with other institutions to include business majors, environmental scientists, project managers and more.

“This allows us to cast a net to attract prospective employees, particularly students and, in this case, Langston University students, for them to consider Tinker Air Force Base as an option to start their careers,” General Stacy Hawkins said. “As a nation, we cannot afford to leave anybody off the table when it comes to attracting and retaining talent.”

This relationship between Langston University and Tinker Air Force Base is not new, as numerous alumni participated in internships and cooperative education programs that led to fulfilling and gainful careers at the Air Force base and beyond.

The signing re-engages and formalizes Langston University’s partnership with Tinker Air Force Base and strengthens the bond between the two organizations.

“Everybody wins,” said Langston University President Ruth Ray Jackson. “Langston University students have the opportunity to supplement their academic studies with real experiences that allow them to see the theory and innovation in action. The Sustainment Center has access to a diverse pool of talent that is familiar with the role, scope and mission of the organization. Oklahoma wins as more Langston University graduates will see remaining in the area as a viable alternative to leaving the state to begin their careers.”

The signing of this partnership agreement signifies the power of collaboration, and the opportunities it will unlock in the realms of research, education, service, and workforce development are endless.

Langston University SGA Vice President Hannah Wall said Langston University’s growing partnerships proves the institution’s commitment to ensuring students are properly prepared and equipped for the work force.

“Creating opportunities such as this shows how much Langston is willing to put into their students to not only give us quality education, but also versatility to stand out amongst the sea of people we will compete with later in life,” Wall said. “Langston University is not like other Universities and Colleges; it is an institution that prides itself on creating long lasting success within each of its students no matter the challenges they face.”


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By Christina Gray, Media Relations Specialist

LANGSTON, Okla. – The DOD Air Force awarded a $200,000 research grant to Byron Quinn, Ph.D., professor in the university’s Biology department in Arts and Sciences. Quinn received funding for his grant entitled “Biochemical Fatigue Metabolite Instrumentation.”

The grant awarded will allow undergraduate students to gain hands-on training with the requested instrumentation by participating in fatigue research and coursework.

“Students taking this course will take on independent research projects in tissue biomarker detection from the metabolic analysis with the Gas Chromatography in Metabolomics Study,” said Quinn.

“This instrumentation adds significant value to the research and training program at LU.”

Langston offers more than 38 degree programs, including 5 master’s degrees and one doctoral program. The School of Arts and Sciences is host to the biology program and currently leads the world in manipulating peanut plant hairs into full new plants without the use of seeds.

Langston University is located 12 miles east of Guthrie, Oklahoma. To learn more about Langston University, please visit http://www.langston.edu.