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Published 10/13/2023

From The Office of the President

Dear Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni:

On behalf of the entire Langston University community, we are saddened and disturbed by the recent violence enacted on the campuses of Morgan State University and Bowie State University in Maryland as both institutions celebrated their homecomings. These senseless incidents take a toll on our collective communities and shared experience as Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

As we prepare for our own Homecoming celebration at Langston University, we want to take the time to remind and reassure our community of the resources and protocols in place. The University has security cameras throughout the grounds and in campus buildings which are routinely monitored and reviewed. There will be an increased presence of law enforcement and security for all Homecoming activities.

In an effort to ensure the well-being of the campus, we ask that everyone please practice these steps to sustain safety on campus:

— If you see something, say something. Our University community should feel empowered to report any suspicious or threatening behavior immediately so that the appropriate officials may respond.

— Download the free Campus Shield app to use in case of emergency or to make an anonymous report through photo or video directly to LUPD. You can find the app in the App Store or on Google Play for Android. Download the app directly onto your mobile device and select “Langston University” from the installation menu. The app allows for immediate emergency calling and provides an easy means of reporting suspicious behavior or activity directly to LUPD.

— Take note of the Blue Light call boxes located around campus. The call boxes can be used to place an emergency call to LUPD for immediate assistance at any time.

— Be mindful of who we allow or bring onto our campus locations. Too often, acts of violence are perpetrated by visitors who have no sense of responsibility to an institution or its members’ shared values.

— Do not engage with individuals who seek to threaten the safety of our campus community. No good will come from attempting to engage with individuals who intend to do harm. Please report any incidents immediately to LUPD.

— Model the behavior we wish to see as we celebrate our Homecoming. Homecoming at Langston University is a cherished celebration for so many and this year, we want you to be “ALL IN”. We ask that all members of our community conduct themselves with pride and respect for others.

To be clear, violence will not be condoned or tolerated. Please report any suspicious activity, no matter how minor, to LUPD immediately. Our sworn and certified police force is here to protect and serve. Together, we can continue to ensure that Langston University is a safe place for our community to live, learn, and thrive.

Thank you for your continued support and love of Langston University. Together, we look forward to a safe and successful Homecoming celebration!


Ruth Ray Jackson, Ph.D.
Interim President

Nathanael Rakestraw Edwards
Student Government Association President

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