School of Agriculture and Applied Science


Department of Psychology

Langston University’s Department of Psychology has a renowned faculty that guides students in groundbreaking studies and the investigation of theoretical academic principles to address real-world applications. Our high-quality curriculum offers degrees to students who are prepared for graduate-level studies or careers in a growing and much needed field.

Dr. Elizabeth Albright
Department of Rehabilitation and Disability Studies

The field of Rehabilitation and Disability Studies explores a diverse range of treatment approaches and utilizing community resources to meet an individual’s life needs. Exciting and rewarding careers in this field include settings such as rehabilitation centers, educational institutions, senior citizen centers, government assistance offices, independent living centers and parent, caregiver information centers.

Dr. Emily Patterson Harris
Department of Urban Education

Langston University is committed to improving outcomes for K-12 students in urban areas. This begins with improving teaching and learning strategies that are culturally appropriate to students in our cities. Our graduate program is designed to offer students the opportunity to create change by equipping them for careers in education, healthcare, childcare, law enforcement, and corrections.

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Orlenthea McGownan