Photo of Langston main campus with clock tower and trees in an evening sky

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Alumni Spotlight

“Langston has a way of grabbing on to you, and making you fall in love with her as long as you don’t fight it. While Langston wasn’t my first choice, I soon found out that it was the best choice for me. Because what I received by staying helped make me who I am today.”

– J. Monroe, ‘14

J. Monroe is many things. A dynamic and visionary entrepreneur. An inventive leader. A dedicated philanthropist. A proud graduate of Dear Langston. Hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Monroe often says he was born on Black Wall Street and raised by the Harlem Renaissance.

“Those two timeframes and the people that existed in both, inspire me because what they represented and what they did is proof to me that who I am, and what I want to do has been done before. Though it may look and seem impossible sometimes, if they can do it with the adversity of those times then there’s no reason why I can’t.”


As Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Monroe Media, a multimedia consultancy firm headquartered in New York, J. Monroe now enjoys a bicoastal life often traveling between the Big Apple and the City of Angels. His company has successfully carried out domestic and international campaigns for clients including Fantasia, T.I, Missy Elliott, and Kirk Franklin. What Monroe brings to his clients is an unwavering commitment to shaping thought-provoking content across diverse media avenues.

The broadcast journalism graduate also makes a point of giving back. In addition to collaborating with international non-profits, he also leverages his influence to uplift underprivileged graphic artists and photographers by advocating for their rightful compensation with his company. Throughout the year, he also helps prepare the next generation, serving as a class instructor and providing internships to students at Langston University and other Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

“As an alumnus of Langston, my commitment to giving back extends to the students who follow in my footsteps. I aim to pave the way for them to be well-prepared for the challenges of the real world by utilizing my company and resources. Sharing the wisdom I’ve gained through my experiences and consistently engaging with the next generation is vital. I want to emphasize that I, too, hail from the same background as they do, and my journey serves as proof that the sky’s the limit when you believe in yourself.”

International Photographer

With an impressive portfolio spanning more than 15 years, Monroe’s multifaceted expertise encompasses photography, graphic and web design, video animation, production, and public speaking. In particular, his photographic prowess has garnered worldwide recognition, gracing campaigns and prestigious magazines such as GLAMOUR-SA and The Angelicum. Monroe’s work has caught the attention of acclaimed brands including Samsung and Hulu, earning him a coveted spot on Hulu’s exclusive show “Exposure,” a pioneering mobile photography reality series. This experience led to a year-long Samsung influencer partnership, marked by his appearances in multifaceted campaigns across various media platforms.

As to the future, the proud Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. member intends to continue expanding his personal brand and artistry in “every space that media exists” while being authentically him the entire way! One of Monroe’s dreams is to have state-of-the-art studios built on campus, accompanied by a computer lab, workspaces for students, and classrooms designed to “nurture and ignite the creativity of future broadcast and communication students.”

What advice does he have for current and future Lions? “It is a distinct and unparalleled experience to be a Lion. It requires possessing a fierce fighting spirit that empowers you to persevere in challenging environments that may at times appear uninhabitable. It means confronting doubts and self-judgment with unwavering resolve and standing proudly, fully aware that your potential knows no bounds, limited only by the horizons you dare to explore. In essence, being a Langston Lion is about embracing your inner strength and understanding that you are part of a vast and formidable pride, never alone in your journey.”

Photograph of J. Monroe, Alumnus