Office of Student Life

Office of Student Life

Office of Student Life

The Office of Student Life (OSL) is the center of involvement on campus. The OSL provides opportunities for students, staff, faculty, parents, and alumni to be involved in and connected to Langston University. In an effort to support the mission of the Division of Student Affairs, the OSL encourages students to participate fully in campus life. Our initiatives, programs and events offer opportunities for personal growth and development that enrich the Langston experience. Functions of the office include advising the Student Activity Board (SAB), Student Government Association (SGA), student clubs and organizations, awareness programs, fraternity and sorority life, leadership development, Student Life programs, the Elite Connection (Royal Court), and recreation and wellness. Vision The Office of Student Life aspires to create an engaging environment where students are able to connect with the institution through social, physical, intellectual, cultural, entertaining, and spiritual programming that places the student at the center of the learning experience. Mission The Office of Student Life fosters a student-centered, quality-driven and value-based co-curricular environment with the emphasis on the holistic development of the student in the areas of: emotional and physical wellness, intellectual growth, leadership development, professional acumen, spiritual enrichment, self-discovery, and community engagement. MottoWhere engagement meets discovery and learning takes place.


The Student Government Association (SGA) is the voice of the student body at Langston University. The SGA is an organization of students elected by their peers, which advocates for the development and advancement of student interests both inside and outside of the university community. Members of the SGA are elected by the student body annually. Some of their responsibilities include supporting student initiatives, allocating student activity funds, and communicating student issues and opportunities to staff and faculty. This is an excellent opportunity to learn the legislative process in a hands-on environment.


The Student Activities Board (SAB) provides programs for the students of Langston University. The SAB is appointed after an application and interview process. This group plans and produces social, educational, entertainment, and health-related programs while helping SAB members gain experience in event planning, marketing, public relations, and leadership.


Student clubs and organizations provide ways to get involved and stay connected to Langston University. Students are encouraged to find an organization that interests them and get involved or start an organization that may not exist. We expect the students who participate in student clubs and organizations to enhance the Langston experience, demonstrate effective communication skills and develop leadership skills. Learn more about Langston’s Student Clubs and Organizations.


Fraternities and sororities have been part of Langston University for more than 80 years, and were formed to support the academic and social mission of the university. Our fraternity and sorority community strives to maintain a balanced life congruent with upholding the following core values: academic excellence, citizenship, campus involvement, membership development, and chapter development.


Leadership development programs provide formal and informal leadership opportunities in the areas of individual growth and organizational development. Through the various programs offered, students are encouraged and challenged to extend learning beyond the classroom in experiential activities that will prepare them for navigating complex issues in their community and chosen profession. The Social Change Model of Leadership serves as the leadership framework for our student leaders.


Student Life programs provide opportunities for student learning beyond the classroom and enhance the mission of the university through the coordination and support of a variety of special programs that promote campus life, leadership and community engagement. Special programs include mobile learning excursions, programs for new students and families, leadership conferences, seminars and workshops, and campus-wide.


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