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Campus Directory

Faculty & Staff
Name Phone Email Department Location
Andrew J. Bucki phone: (405) 466-2960 ajbucki@langston.edu Mathematics Jones Hall 304
Angel Alexander angel.alexander@langston.edu
Angel Stanfield phone: (405) 466-3212 angel.stanfield@langston.edu Student and Employee Services Page Hall Room 112
Angela Thomas, MAcc phone: (405) 466-3671
fax: (405) 466-3498
althomas@langston.edu School of Business University Women 305
Anissa McConnell phone: (405) 466-3225 anissa.mcconnell@langston.edu Office of the Registrar
Anna Duran School of Nursing and Health Professions
Anna Holloway English and Foreign Languages
Annette Stanley phone: (405) 466-3207
fax: (405) 466-2026
annette.stanley@langston.edu Academic Affairs Page Hall 119
Anthony C. Hill phone: (405) 466-3331 hillac@langston.edu Mathematics Jones Hall 211
Ardenna Harris phone: (405) 466-2039
fax: (405) 466-6014
ardenna.harris@langston.edu Institutional Advancement and External Affairs Page Hall 314
Arminder Kounsil akounsi@langston.edu
Arthur L Goetsch phone: (405) 466-6164
fax: (405) 466-6188
arthur.goetsch@langston.edu Research E.L Holloway, Res. Ed. & Ext. 243
Ashford Perkins asperki@langston.edu
Ashley Morgan ashley.b.morgan@langston.edu Residential Life and Housing Services
Ashlynn Kilgo akillgo@langston.edu
Beatrice W. Lawrence phone: (405) 466-3489
fax: (405) 466-3372
bea.lawrence@langston.edu McCabe Honors Program Page Hall
Betsy S. Showalter phone: (405) 466-3329 betsy.showalter@langston.edu Mathematics Jones Hall 202A
Name Phone Email Department Location
Aquaculture Program phone: (405) 466-6127/6104
Aramark phone: (405) 466-3375
Athletics phone: (405) 466-3262